Spoken saṁskr̥it is best learnt through saṁskr̥ita bhāratī. Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan has published a set of 120 videos with classes in their style. They are available on youtube

basic saṁskr̥it

There are many books that impart basic saṁskr̥it skills. A good modern set of books is the teach yourself saṁskr̥it (dīkṣhā) books. Dr. Narasinga Rao goes through every page of these books in his youtube classes.


A basic knowledge of vyākaraṇa is useful (and necessary), as captured in the dictum `काणादं पाणिनीयं च सर्वशास्त्रोपकारकं’. There are many books and classes which cover the laghu siddhānta kaumudī in some detail.