vedānta siddhānta

Before starting a study of the prasthāna traya bhāṣhya, we first study the siddhānta through two texts – the vedānta paribhāṣhā and siddhānta lesha saṅgraha. These texts require knowledge of tarka and mīmāmsā, which are the pre-requisites.

vedānta paribhāṣhā

The vedānta paribhāṣhā discusses each of the six pramāṇas accepted by vedānta. It then discusses the viṣhaya and phala as well. This text requires a good grounding in navya nyāya.

Swami madhavananda writes that ‘the vedānta paribhāṣhā is the most widely read book on [vedānta] philosophy next to sadananda yogindra’s vedānta sāra’.

siddhānta lesha saṅgraha

The siddhānta lesha saṅgraha is a comprehensive text by Appayya Dikshita which summarizes the entire advaita siddhānta, including all the different explanations by later āchāryas. This includes the positions of the bhāmatī and vivaraṇa scools.

vedānta sāra

The vedānta sāra is a popular introductory text for the siddhānta. In modern circles, the tattva bodha is also popular.

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