siddhi texts

The ‘siddhi’ texts are a class of literature. The term ‘siddhi’ stands for a conclusive conclusion after careful investigation. There are four famous ‘siddhi’ texts in vedanta, enumerated in the advaita siddhi itself.

सिद्धीनामिष्टनैष्कर्म्यब्रह्मगानामियं चिरात्।
अद्वैतसिद्धिरधुना चतुर्थी समजायत॥

  1. brahma siddhi of mandaṇa mishra
  2. naiṣhkarmya siddhi of sureshvarāchārya
  3. iṣhta siddhi of vimuktātman
  4. advaita siddhi of madhusūdana sarasvatī

brahma siddhi

The brahma siddhi discusses brahman as infinite unsurpassed unlimited bliss.

naishkarmya siddhi

The naishkarmya siddhi discusses the opposition between karma and gyāna, and establishes gyana as the sole means of mokṣha.

ishta siddhi

The ishta siddhi discusses avidyā.

advaita siddhi

The advaita siddhi refutes criticisms by dvaita scholars.