In the well-known Saptashati yantra used with Chandipath, there is a 24-petal lotus encircling the inner 8-petal lotus & 2 triangles. The deities invoked in 24 petals are Vishnumaya, Chetana, Buddhi, Nidra, Kshudha etc. One familiar with the text can recognize that these deities come in the 5th chapter (Mahasaraswati), in a section with verses like:

yA devI sarvabhUteShu rUpeNa saMsthitA
namastasyai namastasyai namastasyai namo namaH  

(Meaning: Which goddess is well-stationed within all beings in the form of , to Her, to Her, to Her we bow.)

Here things like awareness, intellect, kindness, contentment etc are covered and so are sleep, hunger, thirst, shame etc.

One can note that deities come in the same order in 5th chapter as in the yantra! However, there are only 22 instead of 24, i.e. 2 deities are missing. The missing ones are dhRti & puShTi (i.e. forces that cause firmness and nourishment, which are quite important).

These must have been left out of the text by mistake by someone long back and everyone else must have followed. To those who do Chandipath or Chandi homam daily or weekly, I strongly recommend adding these 2 also.

Add “dhRti” after “lakShmI” and add “puShTi” after “tuShTi”. This gives 2 additional verses, but, in any case, how we get to the count is 700 is quite arbitrary - there are many commissions and omissions and people somehow justify 700 count.

A couple of verses towards the end of Sree Sooktam are controversial. People switch a few words in various combinations in the following verses:

ArdrAM puShkariNIM puShTiM suvarNAM hema mAlinIM chandrAM hiraNmayIM lakShmIM jAtavedo ma Avaha  
ArdrAM yaH kariNIM yaShTiM piMgaLAM padma mAlinIM sUryAM hiraNmayIM lakShmIM jAtavedo ma Avaha  

People switch around various words in these 2 verses, but I am sure the above is correct.

The lunar channel of awareness (aka Ida nadi) is cool, golden hued and like a garland of gold. It causes puShti, i.e. nourishment. So chandra, suvarNa, hema mAlinI, puShTi should go together.

The solar channel of awareness (aka Pingala nadi) is hot, reddish hued and like a red lotus garland. It causes yaShti, i.e. burning/sacrifice. So sUrya, piMgaLa, padma mAlinI, yaShTi should go together.

Once some of these words are mixed up between the 2 verses, it loses its real meaning.

I am not 100% sure if it is wise or unwise to share this publicly, for this powerful Vedic prayer may have been corrupted for a purpose when Kali yuga started. But I’ll take a chance. Please remember that Sri Sooktam is not just about money and material prosperity, but an all-round sense of well-being.

But, as far as Chandipath is concerned, the forces of Chandi are quite active on earth right now and many good sadhakas are doing homam to Her everyday. So I feel inspired to share the above publicly.