When people say things like “terror has no religion” or “all religions are equal” or “religion just serves to create conflict”, I respectfully disagree and view them as cliches.

It is foolish to think that all religions are created equal. Some religions allow themselves to be hijacked for terror more than some others. And all religions are NOT equal.

Especially, some religions that came up in Kali yuga display an extreme superiority complex coupled with aggressive hatred/intolerance of others. They are definitely not equal to ancient religions that conceded that there can be many different paths to God and espoused neither superiority complex nor intolerance.

Also these religions of Kali yuga make this strange claim that Truth was accessible to their prophet/sage and not accessible to anyone else anymore. This is weird. Ancient traditions stressed that the Truth accessed by their sages and yogis was accessible to anyone, if one was willing to go through a long process.

As Swami Vivekananda said, “Believe nothing until you see it for yourself. Truth requires no prop to make it stand.” Unfortunately, most modern religions do not have this spirit. Hinduism, Buddhism etc are so different from these modern religions in that way.