Sofia Klein asked in a different thread: “Are there any dangers from doing a homam yourself, for example, inadvertently inviting unwelcome entities (instead of just the deity you are doing the homam for) into your home?”

My Answer: Whether we are aware or not, we are always under the influence of various physical and non-physical beings with various agendas.

This is true irrespective of whether one is worshiping an idol or just meditating or just sitting and doing nothing!!! There are always various vibrations in cosmic consciousness that surround one and exert influence.

But, the beauty of homa is that Fire has a very unique and powerful vibration that will filter and modulate all those influences!!!

That is why Fire is considered the original Priest and foremost Guru in Veda.

That is also why the divine was worshiped in Fire by countless civilizations - Hindus, Zoroastrians, Buddhists, Pagans, early Christians, Jews, Incans, American Indians, and so on.

Through experience, many ancient civilizations discovered the efficacy of Fire in blocking problematic vibrations and connecting with the Divine and tapping the Divine within..