is there any special way or procedures to end worshiping Dasa Maha Vidya


There is no special procedure to stop a Mahavidya sadhana.

They are not egoistic people like us, who get offended that somebody left them!

But, IF someone is actually fit for a Mahavidya and She started working with one, She will work on the person even if he stops her mantra. But then, it is not a bad thing. If troubles occur, it may feel like a bad thing to the person in the short term (could be decades, which is very very short term for deities), but eventually it will be for good!

There is one more thing!

Someone may not be worshiping a Mahavidya explicitly, but may make progress due to vasanas and that Mahavidya’s blessings may come to that person automatically. Specific mantras of Mahavidyas are ONE way to invoke their influence on on, but not the only way!

Even if one does not know what brain is, still one has a brain and that functions within one. Similarly, even if one does not know deities, they exist within one as subtler aspects of one’s higher personality. They do manifest within one. If one overcomes all kinds of fears, sense of shame and self-consciousness, possibly Bhairavi’s blessings are there and Bhairavi is manifesting within one and guiding one towards liberation. One may not worship Bhairavi with any mantra and may not even know the name. But She does not care and may be working through that person…