I am doing Homam for 3 hrs … I am enjoying but my father doesn’t want me to do it. He expresses so many apprehensions like ladies should not do long hrs is not good health will get affected. … I wish that at least for one day I do Homam for whole day.


This is not the age of sadhana. People don’t do much sadhana and discourage others who do it. What to do - that is the nature of these times..

There are clearly vasanas pulling you towards sadhana…

If you do not ignore your physical well-being, i.e. sit in a comfortable and sustainable posture and do homa without getting stressed out, there is no harm in doing homa for long hours.

Some people consider it ok to sit in a sofa with a poor posture and watch TV for long hours, but think that doing homa for long hours can be harmful. How strange!

Don’t push yourself, enjoy it and do it in a natural way that does not cause physical or mental strain. There is no problem with long hours then.