Chief Minister of an Indian state who is known for his cunningness, political machinations, corruption, nepotism and, at the same time, devotion to Ma Chandi, performed Ayutha Chandi Homa recently on a grand scale, with thousands of priests from a well-known and respected religious mutt in south India for 4 days. They chanted Chandipath 10,000 times and did homa 1,000 times (multiple people chanting at a single fire pit was counted as multiple homas).

On the last day, a little before poornahuti, the yagashala caught fire. It was quite bad and firefighters took 45 minutes to stop the fire. Fortunately, nobody lost life and there was no stampede.

A well-known Swamiji from a religious peetham in Visakhapatanam claimed this was a good omen as per Vedas and shastras. I am afriad he is just playing politics here. This is NOT a good omen.

Having to put down (kill!) fire that branched off from divine fire of homa is never auspicious.

Suppose you invite a guest to your house and feed him some food. Suppose he starts eating something else that you do not want him to eat and have to beat him up and break his hands and legs to stop him. Won’t the whole thing then leave a bad taste in the mouth for both of you?

This is most definitely a bad omen. The politician in question has to be careful. Unfortunately, I do not have his horoscope and do not know how is his time. I saw a chart in a magazine, but not sure if it is correct.

It is excellent that there are some rulers who want to perform large scale rituals for the good of the world.

However, it is better to not politicize or turn them into propaganda or show off events.

They let several big politicians, industrialists and dignitaries make offerings in homa fire. This was an unwise thing to do. Anybody who dealt with fire for a long time and understands the nature of fire will be wary to let anyone and everyone make offerings in his homa fire.

When offerings are made in fire, the intangible thoughts of the person combine with the tangible objects being offered. It is better that a priest in a good state of mental focus on the deity makes the offerings on yajamana’s behalf. Here not only did yajamana make offerings in fire, but so did his business & political friends, some of them known to be against religion and rituals, but keen to strengthen the business/political relationship with this believer Chief Minister!

One thing is true. When a ritual is done on that scale and Mother comes, She WILL do something on earth. It does not matter what the sankalpa was. When She comes, She does what SHE wants. She does what is correct for the time and place.

This ritual WILL trigger some events in that part of India.

I know a priest who stayed in one place (greater Boston) and did 1,000 Chandi homas over a period of 3-4 months (non-stop Chandi homas everyday). It was done with an impersonal sankalpa for dharma in the world. It was known only to a few people and not publicized.

That priest did private homas for some prime ministers and presidents in the past. However, he did not do a ritual for even a very wealthy patron when he was not inspired from within. When he was inspired from within, he did it freely for anyone. When he did intense sadhana for dharma in the world, he did so in a remote place without any fanfare!

Good sadhakas know how to use their accumulated mantra shakti to sow seeds of dharma in correct places, because they listen to the uncorrupted voice of their inner guide. When other considerations like power, money, influence, favors and politics come into picture, the voice of inner guide is suppressed and the voice of unconquered vasanas takes over. Sadly this happens even with many priests and even Swamijis.

Please take the following with a pinch of salt.

My intuition says that a one-month long mass Chandi homa will happen in India, sometime in the next few decades. This will be performed by seekers who would’ve done homa on a regular basis for several years and established a rapport with Divine Fire. They would’ve also chanted Durga Saptashati for several years and be fluent with the text. Such seekers would do multiple Chandi homas together cotinuously for a month, using individual fire pits.

This event would remain apolitical and be performed by externally simple looking seekers with a good level of detachment and devotion. It will end up changing the destiny of India and the world for ever.

Of course, even if this is meant to actually happen, it will take many more years.