One of the “annoying” things about a mac is the fixed menubar that adorns the top of the screen. Yes, you can auto-hide it … but when you need it, it’s not attached to the active window, but to the top of screen.

An advantage of this are the small “apps” that run in the menubar. They can provide some status information, or can be a launching point for a full application experience. The location of the menubar is well suited for frequently launched apps, and “status at a glance”.

For example, in the image below, we see apps that deal with mail, weather, calendars and system details (network usage and cpu usage).

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The apps shown above include:

  • keepingyouawake
  • miaforgmail
  • telegram
  • meteo
  • lunamenu
  • itsycal
  • date and time (default)
  • power status (default)
  • menumeters (network)
  • menumeters (cpu)