I’ve been a windows user for a long time, though I did spend a few years running Linux exclusively.

The good

  • The trackpad and it’s multi-touch support are superb
  • The battery on the macbook pro really does last a long time
  • Out-of-box applications take care of many everyday tasks
  • It’s nice to have a useable unix shell
  • The opensource homebrew package manager is nice and reasonably comprehensive
  • Virtualization means that I can run Windows when I need to (which is less often than I would have expected)
  • Many windows fonts work without any hassle
  • Lots of small taskbar widgets for simple tasks

The bad

  • The finder is almost all bad. It feels like it’s from the last century.
  • Out-of-box unix utilities are often missing options, or are old versions. (I’d prefer not having these utilities at all, so that I’d go out and get the latest version, instead of discovering that I have a “bad” version when something doesn’t work.)
  • Extended permissions … barf.
  • Unicode support is lackluster on third-party products … this includes popular expensive editors.
  • I had to buy the Bartender app just to de-clutter the taskbar
  • Inability to do basic things like change the desktop picture on all desktops at once. (Though there are many applescript scripts on the web, none of them worked for me).
  • Sharing USB sticks and external drives with windows users (i.e. the majority of my world) is a pain.