This site requires a specific font and the chrome browser to render correctly. Click here to test the rendering in your browser.


Get the siddhanta-chakravat1.ttf font from this zip file.


  • Windows
    • Unzip the file into a folder and open it in File Explorer
    • From ‘Control Panel’, search for ‘Fonts’ and click on it.
    • Drag and drop all the new .ttf files into the ‘Fonts’ list
    • You will likely need to kill the chrome process (or restart your computer)
  • OSX
    • Decompress the file by clicking on it in Finder
    • Open ‘Font Book’
    • Drag and drop all the new .ttf files into Font Book
    • Navigate to the site in Chrome
    • Note: The site will mostly render correctly in Safari
  • iOS
    • Note: With the instructions below, the site will render mostly correctly.
    • Purchase the app ‘AnyFont’ by developer Florian Schimanke
    • Download the free app ‘Documents’ by developer Readdle
    • Click on the file link in Safari, and open the file in Documents
    • In Documents, click on the file to unzip it
    • Navigate into the siddhanta-variations folder. Click on the “…” next to siddhanta-cakravat1
    • Share the .ttf file and select ‘Copy to AnyFont’
    • Open AnyFont, click on ‘Siddhanta-cakravat1’, and follow the prompts to install the font via a configuration profile
    • Navigate to the site in Safari / Chrome
  • Android
    • TODO


Vedic mantras are typeset with swaras on this site. They will render as expected only on specific browsers.

  • Windows: Chrome
  • OSX: Chrome
  • Android: Chrome
  • iOS: Chrome / Safari (Note: None of the browsers on iOS will render the site 100% correctly)

Ver: 2